Terms & Conditions


The BedinMadeira platform aims to provide accommodation opportunities to the traveller who wants to know and travel through the archipelago of Madeira. Through this online platform, different properties can advertise and provide their accommodation for booking or for rental, through which travellers can compare and make reservations. BedinMadeira facilitates communication between the traveller and the properties, handling the logistical procedures for initial reservation.

The content of these Terms & Conditions refers only to the relationship of this online platform with the user traveller. By accessing our website and completing any booking you must know and agree to the terms and conditions set forth herein.

The relationship established with the operator/manager/owner of the accommodation properties is regulated by different Terms & Conditions, which are defined between BedinMadeira and each specific property agent.

After making a reservation, the traveling user will enter into a direct contractual relationship with the respective operator. From that moment on, BedinMadeira will act only as intermediate between the traveller and the lodging, giving support, transmitting the relevant details of each reservation and sending a confirmation document with all relevant accommodation information/coordinates.

The terms, conditions and rules of use/access to each property are defined by the operator/manager/owner of each property being fully responsible for the constant updating of the data. Before being included in the BedinMadeira platform, all accommodations are evaluated to ensure a strict quality standard. Although BedinMadeira has this strict policy of evaluation and verification of the accuracy of information transmitted by the property, it cannot guarantee that all information is completely correct/updated and is not responsible for any errors that may exist.


The prices, conditions and information applied to each accommodation are the responsibility of each agent and property. The data disclosed in this platform is entirely provided by each partner accommodation, that is fully responsible for defining and updating rates, availability and conditions. Rates are presented in euros, per night, including taxes. The prices may be changed by the property operator/manager/owner, at any time, without prior notice. Please carefully check the product, service and booking conditions before making any reservation.

As we believe in monitoring and personalized assistance, we do not make direct reservations. As soon as a traveller fills in and submits an Enquire Form, the BedinMadeira platform immediately consults its partners to check their availability for the desired schedule. If availability is proven and the traveller agrees to proceed with the booking, the operator/manager/owner of each accommodation offers BedinMadeira platform the possibility to charge travellers, during the booking process, an initial booking fee that guarantees the reservation.

Payment is processed securely through a third-party payment processor. This booking fee corresponds to a part/percentage of the total stay rate. The remaining amount or any other additional fees will be paid directly to the operator/manager/owner of each chosen accommodation, according to their payment conditions and upon check-in.


General cancellation and no-show conditions are available on the BedinMadeira platform, on each accommodation information page, and are transmitted during the booking process and confirmation e-mail/document. When travellers proceed with a reservation with a specific accommodation, they accept and agree with the cancellation terms of that specific accommodation.

With rare exceptions, accommodations advertised on the BedinMadeira platform are subject to the following cancellation and no-show conditions:

FREE OF CHARGE | If reservation cancellation is informed within 60 days before the check-in date.

NON-REFUNDABLE BOOKING FEE (20% of the total rate) | If cancellation is informed less than 60 days in advance of the check-in.

Please read and consult carefully the information regarding the reservation cancellation before making any reservation. If you wish to adjust, modify, cancel your reservation or know more about the cancellation conditions of a reservation already made, please contact the BedinMadeira platform through any of its online channels and contact forms.


BedinMadeira acts only as an intermediary between travellers and the chosen accommodation. In this situation, the lodging property assumes all the responsibilities and obligations regarding each reservation and stay, as far as assuming all guarantees established. BedinMadeira is, therefore, not responsible for any type of fault on the part of the accommodation operator/manager/owner and any claim that derives from these faults.

Still, to ensure the presence of high-quality accommodation in BedinMadeira platform, we don’t reject any opinion, suggestion and/or complaint travellers would like to make. As an intermediate, BedinMadeira will be in direct contact with the accommodation in an attempt to improve their services.

In extreme cases, BedinMadeira may also consider removing the accommodation with irregular practices from its online platform. BedinMadeira platform also wishes to know what you think about the work of its team as a travel intermediary. That way, any suggestion can be presented in our contact page.


BedinMadeira platform respects your own privacy. The data provided when booking will only be used to process the reservation itself and will only be disclosed to the accommodation you chose to stay in. We use cookies only to improve your experience using our website, and we do not share your information with third parties. For more information, please refer to our privacy and cookie policy.