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Bed in Madeira offers travelers a list of carefully selected accommodations.
Spaces with charisma, soul and quality, because everyone should enjoy their holidays in the best way possible.

If you would like to include your property in the Bed in Madeira selection, or for more information, please contact, in order to follow the following steps:


Get in Touch

Please send me an email informing that you would like to include your property in Bed in Madeira list of accommodation.

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Accommodation Form

You will receive a standard accommodation form that you should fill in with all your property details.

See a property detail example

Online Release

Bed in Madeira will analyse your property details. It will be included in this travel platform if the quality requirements have been fulfilled.

Bed in Madeira will offer you:

  • Presence of your property in our platform for 365 days a year and listing on Google search engine;
  • Absence of any annual or monthly registration fee;
  • Daily technical support to change or update your property content;
  • Inclusion and removal of your property whenever you want, with no lock-in contracts;
  • Definition of your own prices, conditions and rules to be exposed to travelers;
  • Total control of your property availability. We will always send you an availability request before confirming the reservation with customers;